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Oklahoma State University

North Labs Safety Training

Any student or employee using the CEAT North Fabrication Labs are required to go through an annual hourly safety training at the DML.  This training will allow you to use the North Labs facilities until the following school year.  Once you have attended safety training, you will be required to complete two quizzes on D2L.  These quizzes are located on a self registration community under "STW MAE Design and Manufacturing Lab (DML)".  For instructions on how to register for the group and how to take the quizzes, click here.


Visit our Signup Genius Page to signup for trainings and module times.

Sign Up Now!

If you would like to sign up for a safety training and you cannot attend any of the availible sessions.  Please email or talk to John Gage in DML123J between the hours of 1-9pm.